I admit it. I am addicted to NBA2K12. I resisted. I really did. I have Skyrim and it is AMAZING. But there is something about the My Player mode in NBA2K12 that keeps me coming back for hours. Although a sports game, the My Player mode mixes in RPG components that make it a compelling hybrid.

You start out giving your character a name and selecting your height, weight, position and play-style. Sounds a lot like choosing your race, class and professions in classic RPG games right? Each character has attributes spread over Offense, Defense, Physical and Mental that determine how well the player plays. Initially, your player gets a default level for each attribute based on the selections you made when generating him. To improve those attributes, you complete quests. But instead of having to wander around a vast landscape finding NPCs just waiting for you to bring back some item you know what you have to do. You have to ball. After joining a team, you have to make the most of each game to gain points that can be spent to improve those attributes.

Spend those points wisely and you're player can become an offensive juggernaut or brick wall on defense. Poor choices or consistently poor play means you ride the bench longer. As is often said about sports, you know what you have to do, but doing it is something else entirely.

Unlike classic RPG games, you can fail in your quests but you don't have to suffer "death" as a consequence. Also, unlike classic RPGs, you know your overall goal from the beginning: get your player inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. You also know what you need to accomplish to make that happen. There is a list that not only shows what you need to accomplish, but what you have accomplished already.

Are there bugs and annoying AI glitches? Sure. The game is not perfect. There has not been a game released that was 100% perfect. But I'm not saying NBA2K12 is the greatest NBA Basketball video game ever. I still have a soft spot in my heart for the NBA Live series from the mid-to-late 90's. But 2KSports has done a great job of turning a straight-up sports game into a Sports RPG.

Yes. My name is Scott and I am an NBA2K12 My Player addict.