They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, I used to skip it regularly. Until I started making my ultimate breakfast sandwich. It's basically an egg mcmuffin, only healthier. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and I can even get it going and walk away for a couple of minutes without worrying.

What's in it: English muffin, split and toasted 1 egg 1 slice Swiss cheese 2 slices Canadian bacon

How simple is this? Fry the egg over medium heat to your personal preference of wellness. I usually prefer my yolks firm. While the egg is frying, slip the Canadian bacon into the same pan to heat. When you are ready to flip your egg, flip the meat.

Assemble by placing 1 slice of Canadian bacon on the bottom of the English muffin. Place the cheese slice on top, then the egg, then the other bacon slice and finally the toasted top. By sandwiching (pun intended) the cheese between the warm bacon and egg, it should start to melt on its own.

This version is healthier than the McVersion because the ingredients are fresh and contain no fillers or by-products. But also Swiss cheese is a healthier alternative to processed American cheese. A leaner version could use a turkey-based alternative like turkey-bacon in place of the Canadian bacon.

Here are a couple of alternative versions that would be just as delicious: -instead of Canadian bacon, use regular bacon or sausage -instead of a fried egg, use scrambled -add veggies to the scrambled egg, like an omelet -experiment with various cheeses

If you don't care about "healthier" double the meat and add a helping of Hollandaise sauce or gravy!

Whatever the variation, this breakfast will hit the spot. Oh, and the cost per sandwich is less than hitting the drive-thru.