The surreal world

The one piece of custom code I added to the blogCFC engine that I wanted back was the ability to customize the keywords on an individual entry. I wrote that code 3 years ago and certainly don't recall what I did. However, it was easy to add back in.

I wrote a blog post about it! It was quite surreal to read my own blog post on how to update blogCFC to do what I wanted. But, it took 5 mins and boom, it was back in place!

Exclude your IP in BlogCFC view count

One of the things I think is cool about BlogCFC is that "out of the box" it tracks article views and shows that count in the administration panel. But I was bummed that each time I viewed the page it got counted. I figured it would be no big deal to add an IP Exclusion list and just not add those views. Then I noticed something peculiar. As I write this, I have no delusions about how many people are reading my words. So why did it seem that those views were going up by 2 when I viewed them?


Custom Keywords for Entries in BlogCFC - Part 2

In Custom Keywords for BlogCFC Entries Part 1 I described how I updated the administration area to allow for specifying keywords for individual blog entry pages. Now I'm going to review the necessary front-end changes need to be made to utilize these new keywords.


Custom Keywords for Entries in BlogCFC - Part 1

If you've done any search engine optimization work you know about keywords. Keywords don't do much directly for users, but are included as meta data to help search engines understand what the designer/developer/content producer thought was important about the page being indexed. Anyone who works in SEO will tell you that relevant content is king. Keep your content relevant, link to relevant sources and provide relevant meta data. What do I mean by relevant meta data? I mean 3 meta tags that should be included on all pages: title, description and keywords. These 3 components can provide a lot of information about each individual page to the search engine spiders.

One of the things I noticed after installing BlogCFC and setting up this site was that I could set and update keywords for the entire site. Knowing the importance of those keywords, I thought this was great and during setup gave a few generic keywords to be used. But then I realized an issue: my blog is not about 1 specific topic so 1 set of keywords could actually prove to be a negative!